Hamper Trays

Hamper trays resemble open cardboard baskets that are useful for presenting gift items. Since the hamper trays do not close, sweets or any other gift product can be carried openly in them. PACKQUEEN creates wonderful opportunities to present gifts in a stylish manner. Long gone are the days when gift boxes had to be closed and made in a standard size. Hamper trays provide a unique and wonderful alternative to traditional gift boxes.

PACKQUEEN makes hamper trays in four basic colours: white, gold, red and black. The finish varies from glossy to matte and the material used to design these boxes is always corrugated cardboard. This material is preferred by many companies, including PACKQUEEN due to its durability and sturdiness. Now heavier items can be presented in hamper trays without the risk of damage.

PACKQUEEN's hamper trays online come in a variety of sizes from mini to large. The smaller trays are usually preferred for gifting party favors at times or passing out small sweets during children’s birthday parties.

The hamper trays online are delivered flat, but come with easy assembly instructions. Often times these instructions aren’t even needed by customers.

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