We are not your regular packaging business.  At our core, PACKQUEEN is a leader, innovator and manufacturer of packaging products run by a talented group of women.  From start-up businesses through to large multi-national corporations, with our simplistic approach we are able to provide a solution to suit any business’ requirements.

We have grown and evolved considerably over the past few years. We started off as "Specialty Boxes", however, upon reflection and receiving your feedback, we felt that our current brand didn’t represent who we are today.  As a result, we have officially launched our new brand, PACKQUEEN.  Along with our new identity and philosophy we launched our new website on a state-of-the-art platform that will provide a better user experience.

Why purchase your packaging from PACKQUEEN?
  • 1000s of stock lines products, giving you more choice at affordable prices
  • purchase from the experts who know what it takes to make your products look great
  • we are Australian based manufacturers
  • easy ordering through our website including tracking of current orders
  • ability to reorder a previous order at the click of a button
  • detailed information on all of our products to assist with your decision making
A personal message from the PACKQUEEN Founder - Monique
I love working with packaging and paper. Ever since I was a child I loved stationery and presenting things in beautiful gift boxes and gift wrapping. What evolved as a fun thing to do over the years turned into a passion.

My family has been involved in industrial packaging and paper for over 12 years. With business in my blood, it was only a matter of time before realising my true calling. It all started with one gift box and an idea. The idea that I could help other business with presenting their products in amazing packaging at affordable prices.

Over the last few years, I have strived to provide our clients with packaging and paper products that have helped them. We work with the best materials in the industry to provide our customers with high quality products at affordable prices.

Our team is full of amazing individuals who constantly strive to achieve the best they can for PACKQUEEN and our customers. We value our customers and see them as partners.

We look forward to evolving over the coming years and sharing this experience with you. You can always trust whether you are dealing with us for the first time or the 100th time, you will be provided with the same superior customer service experience and packaging that your clients will love.

Kind regards,

Monique Samara
PACKQUEEN Founder & Managing Director