Shredded paper is exactly what the name implies. It is paper shredded into a thin form so that it is not wasted and can be used for other purposes. To reduce garbage and pollution and to make use of shredded paper at home, people have come up with many different creative ideas.

Shredded Kraft Paper (250grams)

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Shredded Paper can be used in the garden for many different uses. It can be used to make a scarecrow to ward off birds and other creatures. They can be used in beans and pea trenches for keeping them moist. A little bit of Shredded Paper can be used to cover newly sown seeds. They can make an excellent base for a no dig vegetable garden as well.

Shredded Papers can be used as fire started at home, as an alternate to logs or stems. These thin pieces of paper can be used in art projects like making papier mache or stuffed dolls. Children can find multitude uses for Shredded Paper. Shredded Paper can be also be utilised as bedding for pet boxes or kept as flooring for chicken houses since it is much cheaper than straw.

Shredded paper is also excellent for use to line your gift boxes or cartons when dealing with delicate items, as it's cushioning effect can help to prevent breakages.

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