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Flexible Loop Plastic Bags

Carry your products with ease in our flexible loop plastic bags. These bags feature a reinforced handle for comfortable and secure carrying, making them ideal for retail or promotional events. With their high-quality construction and customizable options, our flexible loop plastic bags offer a durable and brand-enhancing packaging solution.

Flexible Loops Stripes Plastic Bag Large - 250PK - PackQueen

450 x 120 x 350mm

Starting From $162.95 Sale price$167.95
Flexible Loops Stripes Plastic Bag Small - 250PK - PackQueen

350 x 110 x 250mm

Starting From $127.95 Sale price$132.95
Carnival Flexible Loop Plastic Bag Large - Red 500PK - PackQueen

310 x 110 x 450mm

Starting From $227.95 Sale price$232.95

Flexible Plastic Bags

PackQueen offers high-quality Flexible Loop Plastic Bags that provide a versatile and practical solution for your packaging needs. We understand that convenience and durability are essential, particularly for retail businesses. Our Flexible Loop Plastic Bags are designed with reinforced handles, making them reliable and comfortable to carry.

With their flexibility and strength, these bags are perfect for groceries, clothing, or any retail items. Available in various sizes and colors, our Flexible Loop Plastic Bags can be customized with your logo or design, giving your brand more visibility while providing a positive customer experience. Turn to PackQueen for packaging that combines functionality, sustainability, and branding, ensuring your customers leave your store with their purchases feeling satisfied and impressed.