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Custom Packaging Tape

Secure your packages with our custom packaging tape. Personalize the tape with your logo or message, creating a professional and branded look for your shipments. Our custom packaging tape is made from strong adhesive materials, ensuring that your packages stay sealed and intact during transit.

Custom Packaging Tape 

Most businesses use custom boxes to show off their brand, but box printing can get more expensive as the prints and boxes get larger. Luckily, PackQueen has a budget-friendly alternative that will help your packaging stand out: custom printed tape!

Custom printed tape gives you the freedom of sticker labels without any of the limitations. 

Show off your brand 

At PackQueen, we want to help you show off your brand in any way we can. With custom printed tape, you can garnish your boxes, big and small, with your brand and logo at a fraction of the cost. Our custom printed tape can feature your designs and just one roll can last up to 100 boxes. Make your tape an extension of your brand for simple yet effective marketing. 

Designed with your branding

Our custom printed tape can be made with any design you need. Whether you need multiple colours or intricate images, we’ve got you covered. Our high-quality printing methods can turn your designs and logo into a professional representation of your business. All on easy-to-use tape for any of your packaging needs. 

Show your professionalism

Your packaging gives customers their first impression of your brand. With our services, you can make sure it’s a positive first impression. Custom-printed tape is a great way to show your company’s professionalism. It shows that your business pays attention to every small detail which builds confidence in your brand. 

Make your brand memorable

Your product deserves to be remembered and custom printed tape is a great way to make sure that it gets the attention it deserves. When your customer receives the package, they’ll immediately know who it’s from. 

Give your customers special instructions

Whether it's funny or informative, custom-printed tape allows you to give your customers messages. It could be letting them know that the package is ‘fragile’ or if it should stand ‘this way up’. It could even be a fun joke to go with your branding – ‘only open if you’re awesome’. 

Whatever you want to tell your customers you can do with custom-printed tape. The only limit is your imagination. 

PackQueen's custom printed tape

At PackQueen, we offer a variety of different printing options to make sure that we can meet your needs, designs and budget. 

Tape backing colour 

Our custom printed tape comes in three options for backing colour: black, white and transparent. 

One colour black

Give your tape a sleek print with PackQueen’s one-colour black option. Great for simple logos and designs, our black ink can make your branding stand out. White or transparent backing options are available for one colour black printing. 

Single colour PMS 

Our single-colour option lets you select any PMS colour for print – that’s a choice of more than 1000 shades and hues. With more flexibility, choose the colour that best suits your boxes, designs and branding. Single-colour PMS is available in black, white and transparent backing tape options.

Full colour

Our most versatile option for custom printed tape, full colour lets you use any design and see it printed in high quality on your tape. Available for transparent and white options.