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Packaging Tape

Secure and seal your packages with our packaging tape. Our packaging tape is made from high-quality materials that offer strong adhesion and durability. With customizable options and various widths available, our packaging tape provides a reliable and practical solution for ensuring the integrity of your packages during transit.

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Packaging Tape

Box-sealing tape, parcel tape or packaging tape as it is commonly called, is a pressure withstanding tape used for sealing cardboard or fibreboard boxes. The packaging tape has a sticky coating on one side that is pressure sensitive, and the other side is made of polypropylene or polyester film that is tested for strength and endurance in all directions.

For a strong and reliable sealing solution, PackQueen offers Packaging Tape that ensures your packages stay secure during transit. Our tape is designed with durability in mind, providing excellent adhesion to various surfaces. With its strong grip and tear-resistant properties, our Packaging Tape guarantees that your packages remain intact.

Packaging tapes an come in many sizes and colours. Packaging tapes are used for sealing and adding strength to shipping boxes ensuring that the boxes do not open and items inside are safe. The packaging tape is usually applied to the sides and centre seam panel to firmly close the box shut. Two layers can be used for extra protection.

When sending items by post or by courier, packaging tapes are a must since they seal all cartons for safe transfer. At PACKQUEEN, superior quality, durable packaging tape online is available at reasonable rates. The prices of packaging tape online are at wholesale rates.