Do you need a sample to check YOUR product in OUR packaging?

Are you curious to discover why thousands of customers trust PackQueen for their packaging needs? Take advantage of this opportunity to purchase packaging samples and test your product in our high-quality packaging. Feel and see the look to ensure a perfect fit for your needs, whether you're starting a new business or expanding an existing one. We're here to assist you with all your sample box requirements.

Why purchase a sample?

There are several reasons to purchase a sample from PackQueen:

  • Test the fit: By testing your product in our packaging, you can ensure that it fits perfectly and is well-protected during transit.

  • Assess quality: By experiencing the actual packaging firsthand, you can evaluate its quality, durability, and strength to ensure it meets your standards.

  • Explore color options: Swatches are available to allow you to check different colors and finishes, enabling you to choose the perfect packaging that aligns with your branding or aesthetic preferences.

  • Present to clients or managers: Having a physical sample or concept to showcase to your clients or managers can greatly enhance your presentation. It gives them a tangible representation of how your product will be presented and can help you secure important approvals or decisions.

Purchasing a sample from PackQueen not only allows you to address practical considerations like fit and quality but also empowers you to make informed decisions about colors and finishes while impressing stakeholders with a professional and visually appealing presentation.

How long do samples takes?

    We will package everything up and dispatch within 1-3 Business Days. Need it urgently, call us.

      Help, I don't know which sample I need?

      Need help locating the correct sample or have an URGENT request, contact our awesome team on 03 8689 9344 or email and we would be happy to help. Samples are provided in the brown/white (subject to availability). Colour swatches available on request.