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Courier Bags

Our courier bags provide a reliable and secure packaging solution for your shipments. Made from durable materials, these bags offer tear-resistant and weatherproof protection for your items during transit. With convenient self-sealing closures and various sizes available, our courier bags are perfect for all your shipping needs.

250PK Postal Satchel Large - 600mm x 450mm - PackQueen250PK Postal Satchel Large - 600mm x 450mm - PackQueen

450 x 1 x 600mm

Starting From $151.95 Sale price$156.95
500PK Postal Satchel Medium - 320mm x 420mm - PackQueen500PK Postal Satchel Medium - 320mm x 420mm - PackQueen

320 x 1 x 420mm

Starting From $165.95 Sale price$170.95
500PK Postal Satchel Small - 350 x 250mm - PackQueen500PK Postal Satchel Small - 350 x 250mm - PackQueen

350 x 1 x 250mm

Starting From $130.95 Sale price$135.95

Courier Bags

Need to protect your goods in transport?

To protect the privacy and security of your customers, these bags are made in a color and material that is not see through. Nothing inside can be seen and this also helps keep the product safe from theft.

PackQueen's range of Courier Bags is available online and and with our huge array of sizes you are sure to find courier bags or mailing satchels and boxes to suit your product.

Trying to Find Custom Mail Bags in Australia?

Having your own branded bags might seem like a small addition to a company. But though there isn’t always an immediate profit to be made, especially if you offer them as part of a service, it can have a massive impact on your company image and sales. It literally carries your name to places you might not ordinarily reach through standard marketing.

Our company provides some of the best custom mail bags in Australia. We believe that a modern packaging company should always be striving to balance cost-effectiveness, visual appeal and environmentally friendly production techniques. All our team are committed to making the world a better place with climate-conscious practices and materials and ensuring that you have the exact requirements of your business, including beautifully designed packaging.

Varieties of Custom Bags and Boxes

For a long time, branded bags or custom mailer boxes were very much the reserve of large companies, manufacturers or department stores. But as processes and printing have become more advanced and materials more sustainable and affordable more and more companies, even small independents, have been able to take advantage of the brand legitimacy and marketing reach that branded bags can offer.

Our bag printing services cover a wide array of materials and sizes. We have a few standard pricing structures that can be applied, along with some great savings to be made on larger quantities. Types of custom branded packaging we offer include:

  • Gift bags
  • Mail bags
  • Mailer Boxes
  • Satchel

It’s not an extensive list so please do take a look through our full catalogue or get in touch now if you have anything else in mind.

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