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Gift Voucher Pouches

Package your gift vouchers in our cardboard gift voucher pouches. These pouches provide a professional and secure way to present your gift cards. With customizable options and sturdy construction, our cardboard gift voucher pouches offer a stylish and branded packaging solution for your vouchers.

DL Gift Voucher Pouch - Paperboard (285gsm) - PackQueenDL Gift Voucher Pouch - Paperboard (285gsm) - PackQueen

215 x 105 x 0mm

Smooth White Paperboard
Recycled Paperboard
Matt Black Paperboard
Gloss Black Paperboard
Starting From $0.83 Sale priceStarting From $1.97

Gift Voucher Pouches

Gift Voucher Pouches and Boxes for your Retail Business

Gift voucher pouches are the perfect accessory to contain and present gift vouchers, invitations, letters or business cards. These pouches are made mostly from superior quality paper wood that is durable and can last a long time.

Gift voucher pouches come in many colors, patterns and finishes and are easy to carry. Most of the companies supply gift vouchers pouches flat, which are later folded into their shape.

PackQueen manufactures gift voucher pouches in a standard size, which is equal to the size of an envelope. They are easy to fold and are spacious enough to carry a letter or an invitation without spoiling the edges. You can also pop your pouch into a gift box for added presentation as we have a large range of boxes available for purchase to suit any need. PACKQUEEN also offers gift voucher pouches online to its customers, who can choose from a selection of different colours, and can add flair or personalise them with stickers or ribbon. We also have a large range of beautiful gift bags if you are looking for an alternative packaging solution with stunning gift wrapping to compliment your product.