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Natural Ribbon

Enhance the look of your gifts or products with our natural ribbon. Made from eco-friendly materials, our natural ribbon adds a charming and organic touch to your packaging. With various colors and widths available, our natural ribbon allows you to customize and create a unique and eco-conscious packaging solution.

Jute Twine Natural - 2mm x 100 metres - PackQueen
Starting From $9.06 Sale price$10.06
Natural Paper Twine 2mm x 200 metres - PackQueen
Starting From $7.26 Sale price$8.06

Natural Ribbon

Elevate your packaging with PackQueen's Natural Ribbon, adding a touch of sophistication and charm to your gifts. Made from high-quality natural materials, our ribbons offer a rustic and eco-friendly alternative to traditional synthetic options.

Natural Ribbon is a great option for people, who are very conscious of their footprint on the environment. With their textured finish and variety of colors, our Natural Ribbons are perfect for tying together bouquets, gift boxes, or adding an elegant touch to any packaging. Whether you're a florist, retailer, or gift-giver, choose PackQueen's Natural Ribbon for a stylish and environmentally conscious choice that enhances your presentation. We also have a large range of beautiful gift bags if you are looking for an alternative packaging solution with stunning gift wrapping to compliment your product.