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Wrapping Paper

Add a festive and decorative touch to your packaging with our wrapping paper. Available in various patterns and colors, our wrapping paper allows you to create eye-catching and personalized packaging designs. Whether for gifting or retail purposes, our wrapping paper offers a versatile and visually appealing packaging solution.

Brown Kraft - Wrapping Paper - 500mm x 60metres - PackQueen
Starting From $24.75 Sale price$24.75
Wrapping Paper - Noir - 500mm x 60metres - PackQueen
Starting From $33.00 Sale price$33.00
Arctic White - Wrapping Paper - 500mm x 60metres - PackQueen
Starting From $33.00 Sale price$33.00
Orange - Wrapping Paper - 500mm x 50metres - PackQueen
Starting From $45.95 Sale price$50.95
Solid on Kraft Wrap Gunmetal Wrapping Paper - 500mm x 50metres - PackQueen
Christmas Embossed Script Wrapping Paper - Wrap on Kraft 60cm - PackQueen
Gloss White Wrapping Paper - 600mm x 50metres - PackQueen
Starting From $34.95 Sale price$39.95
Spot Wrap Aqua - Wrapping Paper - 500mm x 50metres - PackQueenSpot Wrap Aqua - Wrapping Paper - 500mm x 50metres - PackQueen
Starting From $36.58 Sale price$38.50

Wrapping Paper

Gift Wrapping for your Business

To make the gifts and gift boxes look more presentable and appealing, wrapping papers were introduced. Wrapping paper are often made of tissue or glossy paper and are used for packaging the gift box.

They come in many different sizes, colours and patterns and can be wrapped around the items using different creative techniques. Wrapping
paper does not only enhance the appeal of the product, but they also make the outward presentation beautiful with a gift bag.

Christmas is a fun time to get creative with wrapping paper. PackQueen have dozens of designs to choose from and there is sure to be one (…or more!) that you will love! Whether you want to create a traditional look with reds and greens, a luxe look with metallic golds and silvers or a bright and fun modern look we will have the wrapping paper that you will love!

Wrapping paper is available online at PackQueen where you can buy wrapping paper in a variety of colours and patterns, including white, gold, christmas prints, black, red, silver and so much more. Customers can buy premium wrapping paper online at wholesale prices. Looking for the perfect box to match your products? Check out how PackQueen does custom designed packaging to your exact requirements.

Looking for Wholesale Custom Gift Wrap?

There has always been something very classy about a company which offers custom gift wrap. It’s a sign that a company is proud of its brand and also works as an excellent piece of marketing. With production costs falling, where custom wrap was once the reserve of big department stores or manufacturers, it can now be offered to small or independent businesses too! 

We are a premier provider of wholesale custom gift wrap in Australia. Our goal is to ensure you have sustainable and cost-effective packaging for your business made with the utmost care for both the environment and your product. When you buy a product from us you’ll also have the benefit of our brilliantly creative and knowledgeable team, so not only will you get beautifully crafted packaging but it will be the best suited to your needs as well.

Make Your Brand Stand Out

Having your own bespoke gift wrap can really enhance your brand. It shows a level of legitimacy and authority to your company, and if chosen and designed carefully can turn your products into something really special. For customers, it shows you care about your product and for people unfamiliar with your brand it is a brilliant first impression.

Among the types of gift wrap we offer you’ll find:

Custom tissue paper



Custom print

We are always ready to take your requests when it comes to customising your gift wrap and want to work with you every step of the way. When you’ve got an idea of what you want, give us a call or an email and we’ll start looking at options together!

Christmas and Gift Wrapping Paper for Your Business

Elevate your business's festive charm with our exquisite collection of Christmas and gift wrapping paper, or take it a step further with our custom wrapping options. At PackQueen, we understand the importance of making a lasting impression. Our carefully curated range of wrapping paper, including the option for customisation, is designed to add a touch of enchantment to your products, capturing the spirit of giving during the holiday season. Whether you choose from our timeless classics or opt for a personalised design, our high-quality wrapping paper is the perfect canvas for showcasing your offerings with elegance and style. Let your packaging, now even more unique with custom wrapping, reflect the warmth of the holidays and leave a lasting memory with every gift. Explore our assortment, including custom options and embrace the art of thoughtful presentation. Get bulk gift wrapping paper for this Christmas 2023 now!

Check Out Store Online Now!

You could be only moments away from ordering your custom gift wrap now. Our ordering process starts with a look through our categories.

Search our categories for custom gift wrap types you think might be suitable. It’s always worth remembering we offer samples of our products so you can see if they are suitable before committing to a large order.

Add your order to your basket. You can update or revise your basket as you add other items or modify quantities as you go along. Larger orders carry greater discounts and if you are ordering more than 2000 of anything send us an email and we’ll see what discount we can offer you!

Create an account with us. You can use this to complete your order, track the delivery process or re-order anything in future.

Pay for your order. You can pay straight away using a credit/debit card or Paypal, or you can set up an invoice with us using our direct deposit system and send it on to your accounts team to pay.

Wait for your delivery. Once payment has been made you can track your packaging as it makes its way to you. We understand that sometimes orders are made in a hurry so if it is urgent please do let us know in your comments and we will endeavour to get you your order in good time.

Whatever order you make, be assured that we are always ready to offer you any advice or guidance you might need. We’d rather get it right the first time than just make a quick sale, so please do send us an email or message and we’ll do everything we can to make sure your gift wrap is the perfect choice for you and your customers.