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White Wine - Two Glasses

Package and present your two glasses of white wine in our specially designed boxes. These boxes feature inserts to securely hold your wine glasses, preventing them from shifting or breaking during transport. With their customizable features and durable construction, our white wine boxes provide a stylish and practical packaging solution for gifting or events.

One Piece Two White Wine Glass Gift Box 19285 - PackQueenOne Piece Two White Wine Glass Gift Box 19285 - PackQueen

140 x 70 x 170mm

Kraft Brown
Kraft White
Kraft Black (Double Sided)
Starting From $1.73 Sale priceStarting From $3.59

White Wine Two Glass Gift Boxes

Elevate your wine gifting experience with PackQueen's White Wine - Two Glasses packaging solution. Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, or special occasions, these sophisticated boxes offer a convenient and stylish way to present two glasses of white wine. Crafted from high-quality materials, our wine boxes provide excellent protection for the delicate glassware, ensuring that your gift arrives in pristine condition.

With their easy-to-assemble design and secure closures, our White Wine - Two Glasses boxes make gift-giving effortless and impressive. Choose PackQueen for wine packaging that adds a touch of luxury and enhances the experience of receiving a fine white wine.