Gift Boxes & Packaging in Melbourne

Are you looking for high quality and affordable boxes and cardboard boxes to present your product in? From postage to gift boxes, we at PACKQUEEN supply a wide range of Melbourne cardboard boxes and presentation boxes in a range of different colors, styles, sizes and purpose. Our product range includes hamper boxes, bomboniere Boxes, jewellery boxes, chocolate boxes and even wedding favour boxes. Our boxes Melbourne are locally made and are of world-class quality. Ordering our gift boxes and cardboard boxes is easy. We also offer food packaging boxes, gift wrapping and packaging supplies. For your food packaging needs, we have our ever popular chocolate boxes, cupcake boxes and macaroon boxes that are sure to complete your packing needs. We also have a huge range of Christmas gift boxes all easily available online.

Whether you are a small business just starting out or an established business looking for an edge, we are able to assist. We offer wholesale rates and very affordable price all throughout Melbourne. The improved look of our website makes it easier when navigating and searching our product range. All of our stock and manufactured boxes can be ordered online. All our packaging wholesale pricing is available online. With the wide choice of products that we have available to purchase, Melbourne cardboard boxes can do little to keep up with us. Feel free to request for a sample if you are not sure of the size and if you need to test out the quality prior to purchasing.

PACKQUEEN are also a leading supplier in Melbourne for custom boxes. Get in touch to find out more about our custom services and how we can help you create custom packaging for your business.

If you have any questions about our products you can contact us via our online form, or call us on 03 8689 9344. Shop now and explore amazing packaging options for your packing needs!

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Packing Boxes for Melbourne Business Both Large and Small

Customer experiences have changed quite a bit over the past two decades. The Internet has led to a shift in the means by which your target market will learn about you and access the products that you sell. However, regardless of their online retail experiences, the reality is that their first physical contact with one of your products will come on the day that it is delivered, and this can have a huge impact on whether they will choose to shop with you again.

At PACKQUEEN, we believe that acquiring the right packing boxes gives Melbourne companies and businesses a greater advantage and opportunity to impress their customers the first time. Just like the foyer in your building needs to convey a sense of what can be expected within, and just as your business card can lend you an air of professionalism, the packaging you use is just as important because it represents the impression you want to make, but also the care you take in protecting your goods while they are in transit.

Packaging Makes an Immediate Impression

Here at PACKQUEEN, we appreciate the thought considerations that marketing teams must undertake when they are creating a brand and so we offer our fellow Australian businesses a vast and comprehensive range of packaging solutions all under one roof. Thousands of stock lines are readily accessible, including a variety of different packaging options in many shapes and sizes, thereby making it possible for you to find options to cater for all of your needs.

Those that require cardboard boxes for their Melbourne business ventures, regardless of whether they are large or small scale, can trust that the team here at PACKQUEEN lead the field in more ways than one. We ship orders from a minimum of 25 units and offer bulk discounts to make those larger orders that little bit more affordable than our fantastic online prices already advertise.

Some businesses that want to make an immediate impression that speaks to their appreciation of the custom they received often wish to avail of our printing service, which incorporates screen printing, foil printing, flexo printing and offset printing. Our team is happy to work with you to determine exactly which option will work best, depending on the shape, size and style of the boxes that you plan to ship.

Best of all, those that are uncertain about what size or dimensions will work for the products that they make are invited to requires samples. This will enable you to realistically appraise your needs without having to place an order and will give you a chance to tangibly get a sense of the quality of the boxes that we provide here at PACKQUEEN.

Aspire to Achieve More with your Packaging

Those that wish to buy packing boxes in Melbourne but are a little uncertain as to whether they will be able to assemble them on delivery need not worry. Here at PACKQUEEN, we do our utmost to make packaging easy for you and in order to deliver an exceptional level of customer service, we have a helpful selection of videos on the site that will show you exactly how to fold the boxes and put them together.

It is never enough to get the basics right and no more, particularly for businesses that have aspirations of growth and who want to thrive in their chosen field. As such, at PACKQUEEN, we encourage you to browse the site and think about all the ways that you could not only create a brand through creative use of our packaging options, but how you could also reinforce it, and encourage your customers to actively engage in promoting it through their networks.

Pack Queen specialise in product packaging in Australia. These include:

Make sure you get in contact with us for all your gift packaging & accessories & all other packaging solutions.

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