Window Boxes

Amongst all the food packaging supplies we have, the window box stands out! It is a safe and physically appealing way to carry food items. What is so special about these boxes, you ask? Well, these boxes offer a peek at the product that is inside without having to open the box. There is a clear plastic window on the front which allows this. Many bakers and chocolatiers buy Window Boxes Online to showcase their delectable items.

The Window Boxes are available in a number of bold colors in a matte or glossy finish, which are sure to make an impression. Simple, standard white and brown coloured boxes are also available. There is a choice between the mill, cork or infinity design. They come in five sizes and their dimensions are in the range of 1 mm to more than 400 mm.

There is another type of window box that is flatter, rectangular and comes with a transparent plastic lid. The entire product is viewable in this box. Window boxes are produced from paper or types of cardboard; the choice of material depends on the weight of the item to be placed inside. Recycled materials can also be chosen to manufacture the boxes.

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