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Publicise and Safeguard your Products with Custom Packaging from Australia

Whilst the prime aim of packaging is to enable products to be transported and stored securely, it’s also a convenient and effective method of publicising your company and your products. Indeed, at a time when competition is fierce, it’s an opportunity you can hardly afford to miss.

Establish and Promote your Brand Identity With Our Custom Packaging

With the growth of internet advertising, social media and various other forms of promotion, businesses have plenty of opportunities to get their company and brand names widely known. But traditional forms of promotion are as valuable as ever and shouldn’t be ignored. These include showing your company and brand names, logos and other details on your products and the custom packaging they are delivered in.

This form of advertising is obviously aimed mainly at existing customers, but it is a relatively cheap and effective way of keeping your name in front of those customers. They will continue to associate your name with particular products, and yours will be the first name they think of when they come to re-order those products.

Effective marketing is all about putting your company and brand names forward and keeping them in the minds of future and present customers. Customised packaging is a great way to do this because it’s easily visible to your customers and all their staff as well as others while the goods are in transit. It helps to build and maintain brand loyalty.

The use of custom packaging also gives the impression of a company that is professional in the way it does things. Rather than plain boxes secured by generic tape and with plain labels attached, your company and brand name are there to see, and everything is in your corporate colours. Instead of anonymous and unimpressive packaging, yours says exactly who and what you are and proclaims that you are a company that does things properly.

Brand identity can be featured on all sorts of custom packaging, not just boxes but other materials also. We can provide standard and non-standard sized boxes with logos, printed tissue paper for wrapping delicate items, labels and ribbon of various kinds and sizes. For many products, there’s a choice between screen and foil printing so you can create exactly the image you want.

Safe and Secure with Custom Packaging

Besides being a promotional item, our packaging products ensure your goods are delivered securely with no damage. Our boxes are rigid and hard-wearing to withstand the knocks that are associated with delivery and storage. And fastening those boxes with printed tape not only provides additional publicity but also ensures items are packed securely.

With our wide range of custom packaging of various kinds, it’s easy to select the ones that are right for your purpose. Choose the size and type of packaging to fit your product and one that’s rigid enough for the specific job, select a colour and style that suit your corporate image and add the logo and other details that you need. You’ve then got just the packaging that’s right for you and at a price that’s more than competitive, especially if you order large quantities and benefit from our discounted rates. And with our quick turnaround and friendly service, you’ll be back for more after using the first order.

Pack Queen specialise in product packaging in Australia. These include:

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