Brand Case Study: Rugby

Rugby Australia oversees the nation’s rugby union. They represent all states and territories, as well as our professional teams and our national teams. They are part of organizations like Oceania Rugby, World Rugby, and SANZAAR. Rugby Australia supports our teams in competitions around the world. At the same time, they run competitions across the country at every format and level of the game. Thanks to the undying support of the local communities and their corporate partners, Rugby Australia has managed to flourish over the years.

Share Your Brand Story

Creating custom packaging boxes and gift bags is becoming increasingly important in today’s business landscape. Even in the age of social media, personalised cardboard gift boxes can significantly boost customer engagement or employee loyalty. Custom packaging that reflects your brand’s story creates exciting unboxing experiences that will get everyone talking offline or online. You can’t achieve that by simply shipping goodies in plain kraft cardboard gift boxes.

For a special event, Rugby Australia wanted us to come up with a quick packaging solution to impress their guests. PackQueen has a plethora of packaging options for different clients. From simple cardboard gift boxes and classic white gift boxes to one-of-a-kind clear plastic pillow packs, we have everything you will ever need for custom packaging. We can even spruce up your gift boxes and bags with tissue paper printing.

Not every brand has to be extravagant with their packaging solutions. Minimalist packaging can cost less and also be a game changer. As long as you use the right elements to make your brand shine, you will see the same positive results. White gift boxes are simple, but they look neat and sophisticated. If you want your recipients to associate your brand with an exciting unboxing experience, you can also request for tissue paper printing. We can add your logo to your tissue paper. We can also print other personalised messages on the packaging itself.

PackQueen offers high-quality wholesale gift boxes for brands on a budget, so don’t be afraid to invest a bit more for your customers or your employees.

Build an Emotional Attachment to Your Brand

Between generic cardboard boxes and custom packaging with extra personalised details, your recipients are more likely to take their time unboxing and appreciating the latter. Packaging is as important as the products or promotional goods they contain. Good packaging will help your recipients form an emotional attachment to your brand. Add simple personal touches to your packaging inserts like thank you notes, and you can build an especially more meaningful relationship with your customers or your employees.

Here at PACKQUEEN, you can choose from a variety of packaging boxes, gift boxes, and gift bags. With our help, you can add as much value as possible to a simple gifting opportunity. Even when you’re pressed for time like Rugby Australia, we can deliver custom packaging right in time for your event.

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