Brand Case Study: Myer

Since their humble beginnings in Bendigo in 1900, Myer has become one of the largest department store chains in Australia, with 61 stores spread across the country. For over a hundred years, the brand has been synonymous with style, fashion, and community. Founders Sydney and Elcon Myer started the company’s long-standing tradition of creating strong and meaningful relationships with the local communities they provide for. The Myer retail group considers its customers in every endeavour they take. For that, they continue to soar to great heights.

Enhance Customer Experience

Custom packaging is often overlooked. However, it’s one of the simplest things you can do to improve the customer experience and show your audience that they matter to you. Even if the promotional goodies are incredible, poor packaging boxes can ruin the unboxing experience for your audience. It’s more reason to be more creative in your use of custom packaging. For instance, adding little details like thank you notes will make your audience appreciate your gifts more.

Myer values its consumers. To show their appreciation for their audience, they asked PACKQUEEN to customise gift boxes. We offer a vast selection of packaging solutions. From simple cardboard gift boxes and chic white gift boxes to eccentric clear plastic gift boxes, we have it all. We also have a range of cardboard boxes that are suitable for posting, which is what Myer requested from us.

The retail group chose our kraft black cardboard gift boxes, a suitable choice for a classy brand. We use an incredible finish to give these packaging boxes a high-end look, all for a reasonable price. This board is quite unique, as it is double-sided. Also, we can produce kraft black in different postage box sizes.

Boost Customer Loyalty

Cardboard boxes won’t break the bank; however, using generic packaging solutions won’t be enough to earn or retain your audience’s loyalty. We’re not saying you should avoid simple and affordable packaging solutions. Even plain white gift boxes will look amazing once you add simple touches to customise your promotional bundle. Like Myer, you can add more value to your package by making your brand colours prominent and remind your audience that you worked hard to give them something special. You can also do tissue paper printing or add custom ribbons.

For any big event or promotion, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. With the help of a partner you can trust, you can complete your to-do list and prepare something special for your most loyal patrons.

Here at PACKQUEEN, we offer a variety of custom services, including tissue paper printing. We can customise your wholesale gift boxes, add your brand colours, logo, and other branding messages. By communicating a strong brand message through your packaging, your audience will always remember your brand when they remember their exciting unboxing experience.

Are you gearing up for an upcoming promotion? We have high-quality wholesale gift boxes available at a reasonable price. Contact us now to get all your packaging needs done in no time.

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