Brand Case Study - Spotify

Launched in 2008, Spotify delivers free music streaming services with advertising to listeners around the world. They also offer paid subscription services, which come with better streaming quality and an ad-free experience. With over a hundred million active users and a library of 35 million songs, Spotify has become the biggest music streaming service in the world today.

The Importance of Branded Packaging Boxes

Even in the age of online marketing, branded giveaways and promotional trinkets can make a significant impact on brand recognition and awareness. Spotify is one of many companies who continue to take advantage of promotional items. We know that because we customised awesome wholesale gift boxes for them.

Spotify came to PackQueen, looking to customise gift boxes for an upcoming promotion. They wanted us to add their logo to the gift boxes of their choice, for all their key consumers to see.  Here at PackQueen, we offer a wide range of packaging solutions, from cardboard gift boxes and white gift boxes to transparent pillow packs. We can do also custom work on your gift boxes, including tissue paper printing. After browsing our selection, Spotify chose our premium kraft black boxes to remain on brand. We use a double-sided black finish to give the kraft boxes a high-quality look without the hefty price tag.

Spotify may not offer tangible products like most retailers we work with. Nevertheless, branded packaging boxes are still crucial to their marketing endeavours. Much like them, businesses from sectors other than the retail industry may add more value to their giveaways by using branded cardboard gift boxes or white gift boxes to create unforgettable unboxing experiences for their consumers.

The Benefits of Custom Printing Your Packaging Materials

Promotional giveaways are investments. Like any other investment, you want great returns. To do that, you need to take advantage of the small details like the packaging. It lets you add more value to your giveaways, as well as your brand. Adding small touches like your brand logo to your cardboard boxes or tissue paper can help you leave a stronger impression. You can connect your brand to customers’ emotional experiences as they unbox your gift. In turn, they can associate positive feelings and happy memories with your brand.

PackQueen offers a myriad of custom services. We do tissue paper printing and we also do custom printing on a variety of packaging materials, including cardboard boxes.

Compared to ads, branded packaging offers longer-lasting exposure. They are also more budget-friendly than other advertising campaigns. As long as you find the right partner, you can purchase affordable wholesale gift boxes, personalise your promotional items and improve customer experiences without breaking the bank.

Here at PackQueen, we can help you put up your logo, tagline and other branding materials on your gift boxes to create brand awareness and boost brand recognition. As Spotify proves, packaging boxes aren’t only for retailers and e-commerce sellers. With the right help, any brand can use custom-printed packaging to their advantage.