Brand Case Study: MECCA

Mecca Cosmetica has come a long way from its humble beginnings in South Yarra, Melbourne. More than two decades ago, founder Jo Horgan had a dream to explore the global beauty scene, discover up-and-coming brands, and introduce cutting-edge skincare lines to Australian women. Today, Mecca is living the dream with over 80 stores in Australia and New Zealand.

Improving the Retail Experience

From cult beauty brands to local favourites, Mecca offers well-loved makeup and personal care products to all beauty aficionados. They came to PACKQUEEN one day, asking us to create a packaging design for an upcoming launch. Instead of going for the usual white gift boxes and cardboard gift boxes, Mecca wanted to create something unique for a more creative retail experience.

Thankfully, Mecca came to the right place. Here at PackQueen, we offer a wide selection of packaging designs to suit the different needs of our customers. Our products range from traditional styles like white gift boxes and cardboard gift boxes to quirky designs like pillow packs and clear plastic boxes. We also have gift wrapping services such as tissue paper printing and a variety of packaging supplies.

After browsing through our selection of packing boxes, Mecca decided to go with transparent pillow packs.

Making Products Stand Out with Unique Packaging

Like Mecca, you need to choose the right packaging to attract the right audience and stand out from the competition. Whether your company is committed to style or sustainability, we can help you find a way to illuminate your brand’s message through product packaging. Even brands on a tight budget can have gift boxes that make their products shine as companies like PackQueen offer affordable wholesale gift boxes.

Mecca is anything but ordinary. Instead of going for safe choices like cardboard boxes, they went for stunning transparent pillow packs. These gift boxes may look quirky, but they are also trendy. In the last few years, clear bags have been a favourite trend of the beauty community. Of course, they also do an excellent job of grabbing people’s attention and shifting it towards the products they carry.

Creating Online Buzz

Compared to plain cardboard boxes, creative gift boxes like Mecca’s transparent pillow packs are more likely to end up on social media. That’s because consumers love snapping photos of the products they like and filming unboxing videos of their favourite purchases. Indeed, investing in creative packing boxes is a good idea. However, you also shouldn’t be afraid of simplicity. Also consider gift wrapping designs like tissue paper printing for are more personalized touch. Earth-toned materials with bright pops of colour and other modern twists are also popular.

Mecca is one of many companies using distinctive packaging to add value to their brand and build a loyal customer base. Like them, you can use product packaging to your advantage. Budget doesn’t have to be an issue as long as you find the right partner who can offer affordable wholesale gift boxes and the right services you need to design a creative retail experience for your target demographic.

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