Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes can have a hundred different uses depending on the customer needs and preferences. They are designed for storing and shipment purposes but cardboard boxes can be used around the house for many home makeover projects.

These cardboard boxes, made of original corrugated cardboard are durable and are ideal for storing, packaging and transporting heavier items. Many people use cardboard boxes in their home kitchens to store pantry items.


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Cardboard Boxes

PACKQUEEN offers an extensive range of corrugated postage boxes that guarantees your product arrives to it's destination safe and secure without being damaged in transit. Our catalog of cardboard boxes includes small postage boxes suitable for jewellery, cosmetics, and d├ęcor and extends to large RSC shipping cartons, which are ideal for larger items that need extra security, strength and durability these boxes offer. When c hoosing postage boxes and shipping boxes , make sure to consider the size and weight of your product. These two details are important, since... continue reading

PACKQUEEN has many different cardboard boxes for different needs. Wine boxes are designed for storing heavy vertical items and are excellent for presenting wine bottles as gifts. Postage boxes are made for carrying postage items across countries and for protecting those items against damage. Shipping cartons and moving cardboard boxes are somewhat similar and are able to carry and withstand heavy loads. Ballot boxes are used for putting ballot papers during elections. Counter displays are especially designed cardboard boxes that are kept on the counters of shops, displaying small products. Book boxes are made for storing individual or large quantities of books.

The cardboard boxes at PACKQUEEN are available in varying lengths, widths and heights so that customers have options available to them. They come in white, brown and black colours depending on the kind of box available. Cardboard boxes online are sold at wholesale rates and are much cheaper to purchase if bought in bulk.