The first pictorial presentation of men wearing hats dates back to 3200 BC. Even though it is not exactly known when the first hats originated and came into fashion, we do know that hats were initially used for protection against the elements like the wind and sun. However, during the mid-seventeenth century, hats came into fashion and became a fashion accessory for adornment.

Two Piece Small Hat Gift Box 19263

340mm x 340mm x 310mm
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Two Piece Large Hat Gift Box 19264

470mm x 470mm x 220mm
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Wearing hats in the olden days reflected and presented class and luxury. Hat makers saw this to be a profitable business and started coming up with unique hat designs to urge women to purchase. Since the demand of hats increased toward the eighteenth century, cardboard hat boxes started being manufactured at an equal rate.

The first hat box designs resembled the hats they stored. They were covered in coloured paper and were only a few inches larger than the hats themselves, making it easier for people to carry them around. Later, as time evolved, hat boxes took the large dome shape we recognize today.

PACKQUEEN make and stock hat boxes for sale in the standard 340mm by 320mm size as people rarely wear large hats these days .The modern day preference, a fedora hat, can easily be accommodated in this standard sized box, which is ideal for portability. PACKQUEEN's manufactured hat gift boxes come in two colours. Our black and white hat boxes, and have a glossy finish. Hat boxes online, when ordered, take two to three business days to leave the warehouses for delivery. We also have hat boxes for wholesale.

We also have a large range of beautiful gift bags if you are looking for an alternative packaging solution with stunning gift wrapping to compliment your product.

Hat Boxes for that Special Occasion Hat and More

Although hat boxes first gained popularity in the Nineteenth Century, they still have their uses today. The wearing of formal hats may not be as common an occurrence as it was then but, for weddings, race meetings and other special occasions, they are still the favoured way of topping off that distinctive outfit.

Hats of this type tend to be specially chosen and purchased so they need to be looked after to keep them in perfect condition. A hat box is the best way to do this because it protects the hat from dust and damage from knocks.

Hat Boxes for all Occasions and Purposes

The main purposes of a hat box are to transport and store a hat so it continues to look as good as the day it was bought. Our hat boxes fulfil those purposes beautifully and can be easily stacked for convenient storage.

Aside from transporting and storing hats, these boxes are attractive items in themselves and can have a number of other uses, such as:

  • as gift packaging when giving presents to relatives and friends
  • to store other headgear, such as fascinators
  • as general storage for items such as scarves and other clothing, craft products and anything else that will fit
  • for showcasing flower arrangements or as ornaments in their own right.

Our hat boxes are practical, durable and stylish, with a host of uses in addition to storing hats.

Choosing Hat Boxes from Suppliers — What to Look For

A hat box is intended to be used for transporting hats as well as storing them. So anyone buying a formal hat or one for a special occasion will expect it to be supplied in a box that’s suitable for both purposes. It needs to be rigid, light and easily carried.

For the hat retailer, each box should be reasonably priced, as stylish and good looking as the hat it contains, easily stored and practical in use. They are intended to satisfy a particular need — to transport the hat home safely — but also should help to promote the retail business.

At PACKQUEEN, all our hat boxes are made from heavy duty cardboard and are available in a range of stunning colours, including premium glossy versions. They’re supplied as a box and separate lid in a number of sizes to accommodate different hats. They can, if necessary, be cut down in height to store a shallower hat.

Each cardboard hat box is provided flat for better transport and storage but can be easily and quickly assembled with no need for glueing. We supply small quantities for individual users or larger amounts with quantity discounts for retailers and other businesses.

To customise each hat box and promote your business, a number of printing methods are available so you can include company name, brand and other details. The exceptional durability of these boxes means they’re suitable for sending hats by post or courier, so they’re ideal for e-commerce businesses. In short, our hat boxes are competitively priced and do the job in a stylish and impressive way.

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