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The importance of using good packaging is something all manufacturers should understand. When your products are packaged in the most appropriate way, it will always have a beneficial impact on your sales.

This is because customers understand the relationship between packaging and contents. If you care about your packaging, it naturally follows that you probably cared quite a bit about the quality of what you were creating to put in the packaging.

That kind of thinking doesn't always turn out to be justified, but it is a fact that good packaging is highly influential at the point of sale. In fact, nine times out of ten it can make all the difference between getting the sale or not getting it.

Some consumers will even reject a cheaper priced item in favour of one that is packaged better, even if that is the only visible difference between the products.

Of course, when it comes to cakes it's not usually such a simple equation, and it's much more difficult to make comparisons between different products without sampling each, but the fact remains that the buying decision will often hinge on the packaging.

One of the things consumers really hate is when manufacturers or retailers pack their cakes in flimsy boxes, especially if their cake suffers damage as a result of the packaging (even when it is mainly the customer's own fault that the damage occurs).

As a manufacturer, you owe it to yourself and your customers to use the best quality boxes you can. Sturdy boxes look more attractive and also help keep the contents protected. It's definitely a win-win proposition when you care enough about your products to package them well.

PACKQUEEN packaging products are the finest quality

You should source all your cake and dessert boxes in Melbourne from PACKQUEEN. We employ the best technology and use the best materials, so it is no surprise that our boxes are the best.

What we're talking about here is quality Australian made boxes from PACKQUEEN. We care just as much about making great packaging items as you do about making quality food items.

Unlike those of many competitors, our cake and dessert boxes are made from strong materials and they're designed for discerning customers who expect quality. Our boxes never disappoint.

The thickness of the material helps to prevent unintended collapse, and the precision cutting techniques mean it is easy to assemble the boxes from flat pack, so you can save money and time at the assembly point.

Suitable for manufacturers of all kinds from direct sale bakeries to factory production lines, the PACKQUEEN range of quality Australian made boxes is always the best choice.

You should order your PACKQUEEN samples today and see for yourself just how good our packaging products are. Plus you can get Australia's favourite cake boxes right here in Melbourne, so there's no need to wait days or weeks to receive your order.

PACKQUEEN is an Australian owned environmentally responsible company providing jobs for Australian workers and quality affordable packaging products for Australian manufacturers.

Pack Queen specialise in product packaging in Australia. These include:

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