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PACKQUEEN is a leading supllier of cake & cupacke packaging products to Brisbane. Our range includes food packaging, including our ever popular chocolate boxes, a huge range of postage boxes, presentation and gift boxes in a range of colours and sizes and all your gift wrapping needs. Shop the range online now! Read More

The new best place to buy cake boxes in Brisbane

Cake boxes and cupcake boxes from PACKQUEEN are the best way to package your products. The affordable, attractive boxes are attractive, strong, durable, and affordable. They will protect your cakes from coming to harm, help to keep them fresh and clean and demonstrate to buyers that you're a quality manufacturer who cares about the presentation of your products.

PACKQUEEN is an Australian owned business selling Australian made products and providing jobs for Australians. We are an environmentally aware manufacturer, and we strive to use best practices in our manufacturing process. We also strive to provide the best value for our customers, keeping our prices as low as we can while never compromising on standards.

When you buy boxes from PACKQUEEN, you can be sure they are high quality products that will give you the best results.

What makes our boxes so special?

PACKQUEEN boxes are made with the same dedication to perfection that you make your own products with. The boxes are made with high quality materials and they are engineered for easy assembly.

Perfect for point of sale assembly, they also are perfect in a production line environment. Your staff can assemble these boxes in seconds, ready for packing and because they are made from sturdy material, they won't bend or sag. You save time and money, and there are no delays due to breakage or difficulty in putting the boxes together.

The attention to detail pays off. When you pack your products in these boxes, customers will appreciate the quality you are providing and the obvious pride you show in your products by making sure they are properly packed.

Boxes of many sizes

We probably have the biggest and best range of cake boxes and cupcake boxes in Brisbane. These range from small boxes capable of holding just a single cake, slice or cupcake, all the way to huge boxes capable of holding 24 cupcakes. We even have boxes for wedding cakes.

In fact, our boxes are suitable for cakes, slices, desserts, pies... pretty much anything at all that ought to be packed in boxes before passing them on to customers.

PACKQUEEN boxes are also available with transparent windows which allow buyers to see the contents inside the box. This can have a very positive effect on the ability to sell more products.

For point of sale sellers, the boxes can be assembled on the spot and packed instantly, providing a convenient way for your customers to carry away their goods.

Large manufacturers who sell huge quantities at wholesale will also be likely to attract more orders for their products and gain favour from stores, because the better packaging you use makes it easier to stock your products. Everyone likes it when things are easy. Find out more about how PACKQUEEN can help boost your sales sesebusiness by getting in touch with us today. cisi PACKQUEEN cake boxes.

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Pack Queen specialise in product packaging in Australia. These include:

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