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When you've invested a lot of time and effort into making a perfect cake, the last thing you'd want to see happen is for it to be ruined before your customers can enjoy it. If the problem results due to poor packaging, then it will be especially bad, even if the mishap is your customer's fault.

Everyone who works in the cake making industry has seen those times when customers inadvertently place heavy objects on top of their cake boxes and crush the contents.

The reason why it is disastrous is because the association is made subconsciously between your product and a disappointing or unwanted outcome. Never mind that it's not directly your fault if the customer was careless enough to allow it to happen. What matters is the negative association that forms.

Fortunately, it is also an easy problem to prevent. Using the right kind of cake box will significantly reduce the chances of a mishap. It will also make your product much more attractive and more likely to be purchased and will create a favourable impression with the buyer.

PACKQUEEN cake boxes are 100 percent quality

Quality is what matters to consumers, and when you package your products appropriately, they will make all the right psychological connections between your product and quality. Obviously, if you want a quality impression, you need to provide quality.

This begins, of course, with how well you make your own product. If the product does not at least meet the consumer's expectations, it puts you on the slippery slope. You may have difficulty selling to that customer again, and in the worst cases, they may even speak negatively about you.

Having done the best possible job in manufacturing that you can, it then comes down to how you present the product to the consumer. There are three different ways that presentation can be involved.

One of these is marketing, which usually is that the consumer is introduced to the product from afar. This can be very effective if done properly, but because it is impersonal, it requires getting past the trust issue and also that the marketing usually needs to be repeated often so that it will form a lasting association.

Another is direct presentation, such as when a chef plates up a meal in a restaurant. We all know how important this can be in terms of the reception of the dish at the table. Customers who are unimpressed by the visual presentation of the food may continue to hold that negative impression throughout the meal, and may judge the food with less favour even if it was very well made.

Finally there is the most common form of direct presentation, which is packaging. This is the most effective form of presentation because it is there before the customer right at the moment they are making a buying decision. Good packaging can make the difference.

PACKQUEEN boxes are your best investment, and this is true of both our regular cake boxes and also our dessert boxes in Sydney. They are strong, durable, attractive, and well made.

We use only the highest quality materials and we use technology that allows us to make them with absolute precision. So you know when you buy cake boxes or dessert boxes from PACKQUEEN, they will always provide a perfect result.

Our strong cake boxes are durable, so when the customer accidentally places something on top, it may not necessarily be the disaster it would be if you used a cake box of lower quality.

Order some samples today and see for yourself how much better PACKQUEEN boxes really are.

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