Custom Printing

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Very few things can enhance a packaging and market a brand better than customised packaging. Printing is sometimes risky especially if you’re working with a supplier who doesn’t share your vision for your company. A supplier with limited print options or machinery available to cater to your needs or fulfill your design concept for your company.

You see, there is more than one print option available and it’s important to get familiar with them and their look before deciding on which one you want for your packaging. These print options are as follows:

  1. Flexo – This is the most affordable option available on the market and it’s perfect for cartons and die-cut cardboard boxes especially if the logo design is not complicated.
  2. Screen Printing – Although the most cost-effective is of course the one-colour printing, screen printing is the ideal option if you wish to use multiple colours. This is great for all types of logos except for those that have fine lines and other intricate details.
  3. Pad Printing & Foil – If you need monograms and simple logos printed especially on smaller boxes like those for jewellery, this option is the best one to go with. However, if you have fine line artworks, you should explore other options.
  4. Digital Printing – The gateway to full-colour printing, this option is the best one to go with if you have a full-coloured image you want to have printed onto your boxes. Take note that the images won’t come off looking as sharp as you may have envisioned them to. With digital printing, certain images may get distorted so only use this option when you want full-coloured images and you have some to compromise where image sharpness is concerned.      
  5. Off-set Printing – If you’re planning on sparing no expense when it comes to printing and you want high-quality prints on your packaging, this is the best option to go with. Although initially, it may seem to cost more, off-set printing actually may end up saving you money the more volume you order. Once printing is done, each box can be finished off with a machine varnish or either gloss or matt lamination for the optimum finish. If you want boxes that always look exceptionally well-done, consider using off-set printing above all the others.

PACKQUEEN proudly offers all of these printing options for your business. More importantly, we go the extra mile by giving you the option to request for a quote or, even better, samples for you to go over before you decide on which print option you ultimately want to go with.

All we require is that all artwork be submitted as vector-based files in one of the following types:

  • An EPS (.eps) file
  • A high resolution vector PDF (.pdf) file
  • An Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file with fonts outlined

If you’re not sure about the best option for you to go with, reach out to our well-trained team today. We’ll be more than happy to answer your queries. .