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Take the hard work out of gift packing with PACKQUEEN

Some would say that the hardest part about gifts is packing them. After all, if you do a good job of the presentation, a gift will usually be received with much more pleasure and anticipation.

In Australia, your best source for gift packaging and accessories is PACKQUEEN. We have everything you need to make sure your gifts are perfectly packed and presented.

Gifts are important and worth taking care with

The whole point of a gift is to show our appreciation for somebody. Of course not every gift is sincerely given, however even in these cases it is best to package your gifts well. You certainly shouldn't want to offend anyone in a circumstance where a gift is necessary or expected.

Hopefully, your gift giving is inspired by sincere appreciation for the recipient because it will nearly always show up in some way if it is not. Whether this gets noticed or not really depends on the person you are giving the gift to.

How to give the perfect gift

The first thing you should do is think carefully about the person you are creating the gift for. Obviously the better you know the person, the easier this will be to do.

You need to take into account everything you know about the person, and if possible make a list of things such as personal traits, known needs, and their likes and dislikes. Through this process, the ideal gift should begin to suggest itself (of course you should destroy your lists at the end of this process).

When you do it this way, you are following an important guideline that the gift should be something genuinely for the recipient and not the giver. This fits both with common sense and good manners, while showing that you are considerate and thoughtful gift giver.

Next, you need to think about how you're going to present it. If the item is something huge like a car, a boat, or a castle in the Scottish Highlands, it's traditional to just adorn it with a ribbon. Of course, it can be a good idea to just present the keys in a small gift box, in order to amplify the element of surprise.

The majority of gifts are not so extravagant, and for modestly sized items it's usually good idea to box them or wrap them. In this way you maintain the feeling of excited anticipation that makes the giving and receiving of gifts such a pleasure.

Items that are delicate may need to be presented in specially made boxes. Even if the manufacturer includes a box, if that box is not of the highest quality, it may not do a good enough job of protecting the contents. So do think about the possible requirement for a constructed gift box. These are cheap and can enhance the presentation, as well as protecting the item that needs protecting.

Otherwise you may be able to simply just use wrapping paper to wrap the product. It can actually be ideal to use both gift boxes and wrapping paper together.

When wrapping gifts, it is important to make sure everything is done neatly and precisely. This will provide a better appearance and ensures the integrity of the parcel. Adding decorative touches is always a nice way to complete the job.

PACKQUEEN has many items available to help you put together the perfect gift package. Download our catalogue and find out more about our range of products.

Pack Queen specialise in product packaging in Australia. These include:

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