Bomboniere Boxes

The word “bomboniere” is an Italian word that means favor. Therefore, bomboniere boxes are widely known as favor boxes and are given on special occasions. These boxes reflect the age old tradition of elite Europeans, who used to present favors to their guests. The main concept of bomboniere boxes originally came from France and dates back to 300 years. In those days, small boxes of sweets were given to guests on happy occasions as a gesture reflecting love and appreciation. This tradition was carried forward by generations and is now practiced worldwide by many cultures.

Bomboniere boxes have now become party favor boxes that are given to guests on birthday parties, weddings, communions, graduation parties and baptisms. These boxes originally came in standard designs but are now being made in a variety of designs and textures. Delicate bomboniere boxes made of the finest and softest tissue paper are a wonderful way to compliment any wedding celebration. Presenting sweets in a sturdy gloss paper bomboniere box is an excellent way to say thank you to guests and to show appreciation.

PACKQUEEN manufacture these boxes in a variety of designs that can be customized according to choice. You can personalise your bomboniere boxes with stickers or ribbons to make them suit any decor or occasion. Purchasing bomboniere boxes online is made convenient and easy as customers can simply click on the box of their choice and make a fast payment online. The boxes are then delivered within ten working days.

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Bomboniere Boxes

Are you looking for bomboniere boxes for your party favors? At PACKQUEEN , we offer a large range of bomboniere boxes to suit your product. We have bomboniere boxes in various styles, sizes and colours to suit your special event. These boxes are the perfect way to say "thank you" to your guests. A Bomboniere Box (also called as "favor box") carries on the timeless tradition established by the early European upper classes, who provided elaborate gifts to party guests. The concept behind Bomboniere, originated in France, around 300 years ago, when a small box of sweets was given away to guests on happy occasions. Bomboniere (Italian) also known as "favors", are gifts given by hosts to their guests on special occasions such as Weddings, Birthdays, baptisms, communions, confirmations and grduations. Initially, the gifts were in small fancy boxes. ... continue reading