Shipping Cartons

Bulk boxes, as the name suggests, are used for carrying an assortment of items in bulk. They are used for shipping and storing large quantities of products and are often used in industries where materials have to be transferred or stored regularly.

Shipping cartons resemble bulk boxes and are often used as second terms for bulk boxes. They are basically used to transport freight through water, rail or air and can carry huge amounts of materials and items. Shipping cartons are made of corrugated cardboard that is stronger than regular cardboard. It is especially made for carrying heavier items and is more durable. Corrugated cardboard is ideal for transporting and storing items such as food, toys and appliances.

Shipping cartons are usually made flat and are easy to assemble. They are designed in a way to make full use of shelf space in an inventory and even have a front ‘write on’ space for labelling and easy identification. Shipping cartons usually come in three types;

Brown corrugated boxes: They are shipped flat to the customer and used for shipping and storage.
White corrugated boxes: These shipping cartons are elegant in design and are used for shipping books, literature and printed materials.
Multi depth corrugated boxes: They are used for organizing things, and customers have the choice of ordering just one shipping carton online instead of ordering in bulk.

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