Cardboard Gift Boxes - Great for Postage

Gift boxes are a wonderful way to present gifts in many countries. Not only does it enhance the presentation of the product,
it attracts the eye visually and gives the product a luxurious feel.

Gift boxes come in a variety of materials including corrugated fibreboard, paper board and card board. Cardboard gift boxes, though very durable, are not very sturdy compared to paperboard and can only carry a certain amount of weight. Cardboard gift boxes are used for presenting items such as clothing, jewellery, small decoration pieces and accessories. Companies now manufacture these boxes in an assortment of colours and finishes. Glossy cardboard gift boxes are immensely popular and are purchased and ordered universally.

People can now purchase cardboard gift boxes online by logging onto PACKQUEEN's website. Considered one of the leaders in packing, PACKQUEEN now offers beautifully made cardboard gift boxes online at wholesale rates to it's customers. Clients, which include many retail stores, can purchase the cardboard gift boxes in bulk and save on cost price. This offer is economical for both large scale clients and individual customers.

PACKQUEEN is dedicated to serving customers worldwide and their company aim to is to provide customers with the best possible opportunity to create excellent first impressions with their gift boxes.

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