Hamper Boxes

Gift boxes come in many different patterns and shapes. One such gift box is the hamper box. Hampers are basket-like items that were mainly used to carry food or laundry. Hamper boxes take their name due to their unique hamper basket-like design, carrying gifts, sweets or anything that may suit the intended recipient.

Hamper boxes are ideal for gifting items such as clothes, food, drinks and corporate gifts. However, almost any product that is can be accommodated inside these boxes. Hamper boxes are designed in such a way that they are spacious enough to hold an assortment of products, while being durable and portable at the same time.

Ideal for showcasing and displaying products and gifts, hamper boxes are excellent for heavier gift items. To bear the weight, they are made of high quality corrugated cardboard that can hold the weight of items like champagne bottles, makeup cases and a number of food substances. PACKQUEEN, the leading manufacturers in gift boxes, add a gloss finish to the corrugated cardboard that makes the design of these hamper boxes more visually appealing.

At PACKQUEEN hamper boxes can be bought online at a fraction of the cost of paying retail. The 260mm by 190mm hamper boxes are more suitable for large products, whereas the 220mm by 140mm carry pack hamper boxes are ideal for postage items.

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Hamper Boxes

What better way to thank your customers, than with a hamper full of goodies. You have the products, but need the hamper boxes ? That's where PACKQUEEN can help. We offer an extensive range of hamper boxes in assorted colours, finishes and sizes. All our hampers boxes are made from a strong and sturdy cardboard, which provides your products the needed support and security during handling or shipping. Team your hamper boxes up with tissue paper and ribbon to make them more presentable. Your customers will be delighted and so will you. ... continue reading