Gift Voucher Pouches

Ask a child what he wants for his birthday and it is likely he’ll ask for money to buy the gift himself rather than request for a particular item. Since most parents are reluctant to hand over a large sum to a child, gift vouchers present the perfect alternative to buying gifts. A gift voucher is basically a piece of paper or an electronic card that is used in place of money to buy goods and services. Gift vouchers are a preferable marketing tool used by many shops these days.

Gift voucher pouches are the perfect accessory to contain and present gift vouchers, invitations, letters or business cards. These pouches are made mostly from superior quality paper wood that is durable and can last a long time. Gift voucher pouches come in many colors, patterns and finishes and are easy to carry. Most of the companies supply gift vouchers pouches flat, which are later folded into their shape.

PACKQUEEN manufactures gift voucher pouches in a standard size, which is equal to the size of an envelope. They are easy to fold and are spacious enough to carry a letter or an invitation without spoiling the edges. Pack queen also offers gift voucher pouches online to its customers, who can choose from a selection of different colours, and can add flair or personalise them with stickers or ribbon. .

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Gift Pouches

Our gift pouches range is a similar size to your regular DL Envelope. These are manufactured exclusively by PACKQUEEN and are offered in several different colours and finishes. Why not be creative and also add a ribbon around the gift pouch when you are done. Alternatively, a custom printed label also adds a special touch and personalisation to the outer pouch. These gift voucher pouches are a great way to present your vouchers, certificates, invitations, letters and invoices with style. &nbs... continue reading