Macaron Boxes

Macarons are beautiful and dainty, which is why they deserve a box that is equally attractive and can carry the macarons safely. You can now order Macaron Boxes Online for your bakeries and confectionaries to sell your products in.

We have a wide variety of Macaron Boxes available Online. We have boxes that are orange, black and chocolate brown in color with a matte finish. There are also kraft brown and white boxes available. The boxes are made out of paperboard or cardstock that is 285 grams in weight. The boxes have windows on the lid to allow for a full view of the macarons. Boxes, which have removable transparent inserts, are also available. Macaron boxes come in a number of shapes and sizes. The smallest boxes can hold a single macaron while the largest ones accommodate up to 24 macarons. The boxes have inserts inside so the macarons cane be kept seperate.

Buying Macaron Boxes Online offers convenience to the busy owners of small businesses. Boxes are offered at wholesale prices and can be ordered in bulk. They are sturdy and well-constructed which makes them a practical choice for packing food items. The boxes allow easy handling and delivery.

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Macaron Boxes

Macarons are extremely popular right now! Most cafes and bakeries sell these delectable French desserts, and at PACKQUEEN we figured, macarons need packaging as special as they are. Our macaron boxes are available in various sizes to suit any function. Since these mouth-watering, bite-sized desserts are often packaged in multi-flavor and multi-color packs, our boxes with plastc clear windows could definitely help in showing off your macarons and sweets. Receive great discounts when you buy wholesale macaron boxes from our online store. ... continue reading