Cupcake Boxes

Small and dainty or big and beautiful, all types of cupcakes deserve to be dispalyed in cute boxes and the great news is that you can now get Cupcake Boxes Online at PACKQUEEN! These boxes are the perfect way to display your products and send them off for delivery.

The prettiest and funkiest Colors are used for the cupcake boxes to display your creative baked goods. You can order matte or glossy Cupcake Boxes. We have many sizes available and an insert is fitted inside the box to separate your cupcakes. You can buy single, and double cupcake boxes, right up to our largest cupcake box which can accommodate 24 cupcakes. These boxes keep the cupcakes upright and safe from damage. PACKQUEEN's cupcake boxes are made from paperboard and are easily assembled. If your cupcake is attractive enough on its own you can order the transparent plastic cupcake box which offers a complete view of the item.

By ordering Cupcake Boxes Online you will be saved from all the hassle of buying boxes in the stores. Our cupcake boxes are sturdy and offer support to your special little baked goods.

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Cupcake Boxes

Cupcakes are everyone's favorite bite-sized desserts! That's why PACKQUEEN ensures our cupcake box range is always expanding. PACKQUEEN cupcake boxes are available in two options: cardboard boxes in hot pink, baby pink, white, and chocolate with clear plastic windows on the lid... and a single-cupcake box made completely of high quality clear PVC plastic . These see-through boxes are perfect for fancy cupcakes that require showcasing of cupcake decor from all sides. While inserts for these cupcake boxes are available, they can easily be removed to accommodate any other products that you need to package. These boxes are... continue reading