Boxboard is a kind of paperboard that is mainly used for packaging items and is used in cereal boxes or shoeboxes. Some items need to be packaged in a durable material that is still light enough to carry. Boxboard provides are an excellent solution for such items.

Boxboard is often used for a variety of purposes other than packing. Since it is strong but still light in weight, Boxboard can be used to support thinner items like paper documents, pictures and certificates. When developing pictures and framing them, Retailers often put pieces of boxboard behind so they are supported and do not get bent or spoiled. Certificates, when given out also have a support of boxboard to help keep them intact.

At PACKQUEEN boxboard is available in sheets of A4 and A3 size. The boxboard provided at PACKQUEEN comes in two different thicknesses. The 700 gsm boxboard is thin and bendable while the 1400 gsm boxboard is heavier and perfect for things which cannot be bent.

Boxboard can either be used for support or for protecting delicate items during shipment. They can also be utilized as inserts for art, paintings, and similar products.

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