Book Boxes

Books can be a person’s greatest treasure. People who are in the habit of reading books are the only ones who can appreciate their importance in one’s life. Books that are written and published in one country have to be taken to other countries so that they can be displayed in book stores. Sometimes, particular books are not available locally and customers have to ask relatives to send in books from abroad. To accomplish all these tasks, books are shipped from country to country.

The hard part begins on how to transport and ship books so that they are not spoilt. Since books are basically made of paper, elements such as water, dust and humidity can quickly take a toll on them. To protect the book shipment, they are kept in sealed book boxes. These book boxes can come in many different sizes and can carry book shipments up to several kilograms. Pack queens’ book boxes range is excellent for storing individual books or shipping them altogether. These book boxes are especially made for carrying heavier loads and are an excellent packaging solutions for book shipment.

Book boxes available online at Pack queens are delivered flat but have easy assembly and require no tape or glue.

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