Boxboard is great to protect documents from getting bent in the mail. We have 1000s of customers use our boxboard range to protect photographs, certificates and diplomas.

Are you looking to protect photos, certificates and documents from being bent in the mail? Here at PACKQUEEN, we have the answer! Our readily-available boxboards come in different size and thickness to suit your needs.

A boxboard is also an essential material for your packaging suppliesOur boxboards come in A4 and A3 size sheets with two thickness options to choose from: The 700gsm sheet is a slightly flexible boxboard, while the heavy duty 1400gsm boxboard is an unbendable sheet.

You can use boxboards for different packaging purposes, whether as a backing page for your photos and documents. or as a durable insert to separate delicate products like art prints. These boxboards can also be used as a protective rigid sheet, which reduces risk of damage during handling and postage. 


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