Author: PACKQUEEN   Date Posted:10 September 2022 

There’s no such thing as a small item when you want to be thoughtful and responsible in shipping out products and other articles to customers or loved ones. PACKQUEEN has book boxes for you to ship photos, vinyl records, books and other sundries in.

Made with heavy duty cardboard, PACKQUEEN’s book boxes are all carefully designed and built with the thought of keeping its contents safe and undamaged during transport, no matter the distance. This is where the specially-designed twist slots are for. They’re like pockets within the box to hold items steady during shipping and handling.

These book boxes are available in various sizes to accommodate a number of different items as well as a variety of colours to fit your personality and style. They are packed and shipped out to customers flat but assembling them take no more than mere seconds. PACKQUEEN’s book boxes are also self-locking so they keep their cargo safe even without tapes or ribbons.

Wholesale pricing is available online which means the more book boxes you buy, the more money you end up saving. Custom printing options are also available so if you have a company logo you want to get stamped onto the box, let us know.

Say goodbye to haphazard packaging for your various odds and ends. Now you have a proper box to ship them in and that’s PACKQUEEN’s book boxes.


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