A sustainable choice for packaging (Why are cardboards and paperboards sustainable?)

One of PACKQUEEN's main core principles is to provide a sustainable packaging that is stylish, durable and effective in every sense of what a packaging should be.

Our wide range of products consist of different base materials including recyclable pvc (plastic), cardboard and paperboard. What we take pride in is that the majority of our products which are paper based; corrugated cardboard and paperboard are sustainable.

What do we mean by sustainable?

The 80-20 ratio

In our standard range, the most popular ones are the die cut boxes. Die cut boxes are boxes that are cut into form using a cutting template from a whole sheet of material such as the corrugated and paperboard cardstock.

We manufacture these boxes using 80% recycled boards while the remaining 20% composition is made using boards that are responsibly sourced. During the production, trimmings or off-cuts from other boxes are used as a component of other products resulting to less waste and decreased need of excessive materials.

Responsible Forestry

Our customers might have seen “Responsible Forest Practice” labeled onto our products on our website. This pertains to the raw materials where the corrugated boards are sourced from. In responsible forestry practice, the woods used for manufacturing the boxes are sourced from plantation forests grown for the purpose of being cut down for wood pulp. Therefore, it is a sustainable source of timber as it is replaced and re-grown once the tree is cut down. We do not use timber that is sourced from old growth or virgin forests.

Locally Produced

Another key point of PACKQUEEN’s products is being locally made. It does not only support local business, but also, evades the need to travel a long distance which results to less CO2 emissions caused by burning of gas/fuel during transportation.


Want to know more about PACKQUEEN's products?

We have put together some helpful icons to make sure that you get the most from your packaging!

Made in Australia
All products with this icon means that they are made locally here in our facility in Australia. The majority of our products are made locally and only few items are sourced/manufactured offshore.


Suitable for Posting
Products with “suitable for posting” icon are packaging products that can be used to ship out or post your items. These are heavy duty boxes that can help your products withstand transit and can protect the items inside. Our range includes corrugated boxes such as postage boxes and shipping carton (RSC) range.


Suitable for Handgiving
Our Paperboard and Plastic range of packaging are suitable for hand giving purposes only. Products with this icon mean that they are designed to hold lightweight items, and cannot be used for shipping. The box will not be able to withstand courier process and would not be able to protect the item inside.


Suitable for Food Contact
Products that are safe for direct food contact will have this icon. It indicates that the range of items, for example our paperboard and plastic boxes, can be used to package food items without the use of any food grade liners on the base of the box. However, this does not include packaging moist products as our food safe range are not lined or coated and are unable to withstand moisture and extreme temperature changes.


Suitable for Printing
Products available for printing will have this icon on its product page. To access the available printing options, simply click the “Print Options” button from the product page. Different product ranges may vary in printing options, but generally printing is available for items that has “Suitable for Printing” icons.


100% Recycled Material
Many of our Paperboard boxes are available in our 100% recycled board. This has a beautiful natural finish which is great for conveying a natural eco friendly vibe for your packaging.


80% Recycled Material
Our range of corrugated boxes are made using 80% recycled materials. During our manufacturing process, all of the offcuts that are produced when we make our boxes are recycled and put straight back into the system to manufacture new cardboard. Therefore, there is little to no waste in the process.


From paper based boxes to plastic lids and bags, a majority of our packaging can be recycled. They can be included in your regular home recycling or you can even re-use them personally. Both the quality and composition of the material allow for recycling our packaging or repurposing them (they are strong and versatile; can be used multiple times).


Recyclable Plastic
We take pride in being sustainable and eco-friendly. Thus, our plastic packaging range does not fall short of this requirement. They are made from PET plastic  which is similar in composition to a soft drink bottle. They are 100% recyclable (e.g clear lid of gift boxes, plastic bags, clear folding boxes), just simply include them in your regular home recycling.


A product being biodegradable means it is capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms. Plain KRAFT finish boxes or uncoated finishes, as well as tissue papers, wrapping papers and paper bags are biodegradable and compostable as they do not have any lamination or plastic coating.


Responsible Forestry Practices
Since we greatly take pride in being able to offer a sustainable packaging, we are proud to let you know that our packaging products are made from sustainable materials. How are we sustainable? Well, the wood used for manufacturing our boxes is from plantation forests grown for the purpose of being cut down for wood pulp, to make different products like furniture etc. We do not use timber that is sourced from old growth or virgin forests,  therefore it is a sustainable source of timber as it is being replaced and re-grown once the tree is cut down. 



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