Author: PACKQUEEN   Date Posted:21 October 2019 

It’s not quite a wine board and it’s not quite a buffet table. A grazing platter is somewhere between the two. It’s small enough to be perfect for a single table but big enough to carry all and sundry for everyone in the group.



The good thing about grazing platters is that there are no rules. You can fill your grazing platter with cold cuts, biscuits and cheeses for a wine party or you can fill it with fruits, vegetables and dairy-free goodies for vegetarian friends or you can fill it with rainbow candies, lollies and other sweet treats for a children’s party.

Gone are the days when you can only create grazing platters using wooden boards and extra expensive dinnerware. Now you can even use food trays and hamper trays made of cardboard or heavy-duty paperboard.

Like PACKQUEEN’s food and hamper trays, you can have your pick of the material, finish and colour your like so you can be sure even your grazing platter perfectly matches your event motif. You can inject a bit of fun and encourage guests to mingle by depositing a grazing platter in the middle of each table.

Thinking of a way to package your giveaways? Are you looking for ways to create your very own gift pack? Explore the many ways you can create your very own grazing platter using PACKQUEEN’s food and hamper trays. Impress your guests with your creativity and wide palate by serving them with DIY grazing platters at your next big event!

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