Indeed, it is a business’ best interest to try and minimize all capital costs to be able to offer their product at a more affordable and competitive pricing. Hence, we at PACKQUEEN always encourage our customers to understand their packaging need, most importantly in terms of sizing.

Why does size matters?

  • Reducing consignment costs. Whether you use standard or bespoke packaging, ensure you have a variety of boxes to suit different styles and sizes of products. Putting everything in the same size of box will mean that some products will either rattle around in the container and risk damage or will require extra packing to restrict movement and provide additional protection.

    This means you’re using unnecessary packing materials that will add to your costs and will also require you to pay higher delivery charges based on the size of the consignment. A box of the correct size will reduce the costs and also save waste that harms the environment.
  • Keeping costs low means you’re more likely to be able to offer free delivery. Surveys show that customers who benefit from free shipping are likely to spend more on the product so sales will increase.
  • Improving delivery times. Customers who buy online value prompt and reliable delivery. Using the right packaging will speed up the packing process and the optimum box size can enable the most efficient delivery method. Getting the product delivered intact and with no damage will avoid costly re-deliveries.
  • Protects your product in transit. A box that is too small for your product will most likely damage either one of the two; your product or the box itself. Once the box has been compromised, it will not be able to protect your product as well, especially during transit. Same goes for a large box that is too spacious for what you actually need, it offers too much space for your item to move around inside. In this case, you will resort to fillers (and most probably an excessive amount of it) which will add up to your costs and weight of the parcel which will be the very scenario of the first point. Thus, having the right packaging size will maintain the integrity of the box and allow you to put just the right amount of extra protection for your products.

 How to measure the PACKQUEEN way?

  • Don’t measure individually
  • Individual measurement of items works only if they will be packed individually as well.
  • Arrange then Measure
  • When packing multiple items, make sure to account for the placement of the products altogether in the box; i.e arrange the items the way you want them to sit in the box then measure the length x width x height.

  • Use millimeter in measuring/providing dimensions
  • Millimeter offers smaller intervals for your measurements which makes it easier to use for measuring and is more accurate. It also allows you to give or take a few measurement without making too much of a difference i.e too large or too small.


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