Are you looking for Bomboniere Boxes to say thank you to your guests at an event? At PACKQUEEN we offer beautiful bomboniere boxes to suit your occasion.

You have a special day coming up and you want to thank all of your guests for their attendance and well wishes. What do you need…..? Bomboniere boxes!

Traditionally guests at a wedding were gifted a small parcel of sugar coated almonds – the bitter almonds and sugar coating representing the bittersweet times that lay ahead for their future.

Nowdays the sky is the limit and bomboniere is not so traditional any more! Couples are gifting anything from candles to locally made produce to their guests and the gifts can be as individual as the couple themselves!

Looking for the ultimate packaging for your bomboniere? Check out our quick guide below!

          Sugared Almonds – Consider our Chocolate Box Range or our Clear cube boxes

          Macarons – Check out our Macaron Boxes

          Cocktail Kit – We have a HUGE range of gift boxes to choose from

          Custom Cookies – Head to our Cookie and Dessert Boxes

          Wine bottle with Customised Label – Check out our Wine Bottle Boxes

          Jams/Preserves/Honey Jars -  You’ll love our Jam Boxes

          Personalised Wine Glasses – Our wine glass boxes are perfect!

          Gourmet Chocolates – See our Chocolate boxes here

          Donation in your guests name – See our Gift Voucher Boxes

          Recovery Kit -  Grab and go with a gift bag or carry pack


Eco Conscious Bomboniere

If being eco friendly is a part of the happy couples’ ethos then the bomboniere packaging can be environmentally friendly too! PACKQUEEN have a range of gift boxes made from 100% recycled materials and are recyclable and compostable. We also have clear plastic boxes that are made from PET plastic so they can be recycled in your regular household recycling bin.

Custom Packaging

At PACKQUEEN we can even help you customise your wedding favour packaging. We can custom print your bomboniere boxes with your own message or a motif that matches your wedding stationary. Wanting to personalise a plain box? We can help with custom printed ribbon, labels or gift tags.

How to choose bomboniere boxes

With so many different options to choose from, the first step is to decide on what your bomboniere will be! Once you have your gifts nailed down, then think about the following factors:

  • How large is my bomboniere gift?
    Get that measuring tape out and measure up the product that you will be gifting. There is nothing worse than not realising until the last minute No couple needs that stress on their big day!

  • Do I want my bomboniere to be visible inside the packaging?
    If so, you will need clear box or a box with a window so your guests can see right away the special gift that you have chosen to give to them to say thank you for attending

  • Do I want the gift inside to be a surprise?
    No window necessary… just select from our massive range of eco friendly boxes!

  • What colour/s are my décor?
    Traditional white – check out our smooth white or gloss white options
    Modern Black – we have both a gloss or a matt finish available
    Rustic Charm – Our recycled boxes will be perfect
    Bright and Fun – Use labels, ribbon, or tissue paper for a pop of colour.

  • Will the gift be on the table when the guests arrive, or handed out as they leave?
    If the bomboniere is to be a part of your table setting, then a small box will look stunning, however if it is to be handed to the guests as they leave then popping your bomboniere in a gift bag that can be easily carried out is the most practical way to go.

  • Do I want to customise my bomboniere packaging?
    Why not! We can help with your printed bomboniere boxes, or you could simply customise them using printed labels or custom ribbon.

Get in touch with our team and let us help take some of the stress out of your big event. PACKQUEEN are here to help you make your special day even more memorable for your guests.



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