Custom Folding Boxes

Food is always interesting to prepare. Pastries and baked goods are particularly challenging and time-consuming to make. Lots of steps and measurements and rules are followed to create both delicious and eye-catching outcomes. You won't want to waste the effort and passion you put into making them by just placing them in whatever type of packaging, would you? 

We at PACKQUEEN offer a range of clear folding boxes made from food-grade safe plastic and allows you to pack your food directly into it. The clear panels of this packaging let you brag and display the beauty of your products to your customers attracting them more than ever. Our range is proudly locally made and is also made from 100% recyclable materials. Other than packing edibles, it is also suitable for other items such as company cards, gift cards, etc. If you are after a packaging that shows off your product itself, this might be the right choice for you!

If you are after this style but cannot find the perfect size within our range, don't fret just yet! We offer custom solutions that might be the answer to your packaging needs. Contact us and request a quote today for custom sizing to make the box fit your required dimensions. Want to add your brand or logo? Best to pair it with our custom printed labels available in full-color print with different shapes and styles available. 



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