Breath and Essence


Founded by Sydney-born Artist Kim Rayner, Breath and Essence is a collection of unique jewellery pieces made from found objects, sterling silver, and more. Her work is deeply rooted in her awareness and connection to nature. Each piece she makes has a delicacy that binds it to our planet. Currently, Rayner works from a studio close to the palm-fringed beachfronts of Queensland.

Pillow Packs, A Unique Packaging Solution

Product packaging can keep the most delicate pieces of jewellery safe. For small items like jewellery, soaps, and cosmetics, packaging must be on point. Not only does it have to protect your precious items, but it also has to add value to your products.

Breath and Essence paired up with us to create special pillow packs for their creations. The distinct shape of the boxes enhances the appeal of their products, and they can also help you stand out from the competition.

Keep Your Products Safe

We have a range of options for pillow packs. From recycled, smooth white, coloured frosts and glosses, our selection comes in a variety of colours, sizes, and materials. We can even do different colours and prints to increase overall appeal. The material we use for pillow packs is lightweight and eco-friendly, making them attractive while lessening our carbon footprint.

Personalization makes it an even more effective marketing tool. Adding personal touches like your logo and brand name gives you a professional edge. More importantly, it can promote your brand and increase your reach.