Organising is a daunting task, and we often turn to planners to keep things in order. Though planners all serve the same purpose, how they serve that purpose makes all the difference.

Siisti is about creating inspired spaces for you to plan in and keep your projects in order. The company creates timeless, sustainable, and functional acrylic designs that can make organisation fun and effective. Siisti is the embodiment of the fine art of effortless organisation, using a Scandinavian concept and turning it into a uniquely Australian experience.

This Canberra-based company uses the latest digital UV printing technology to turn acrylic sheets into calendars and boards that have scratch and abrasion-resistant grids and designs. There's no need to worry about their designs fading or falling away over time.

Customers can say goodbye to traditional paper planners and say hello to an even more visual method of organising daily chaos.

Organizing a bespoke packaging solution

A beautiful wall planner deserves to be packaged beautifully. The right packaging can add value to a product and Siisti knows that very well. Packaging is part of a company’s branding and it can make any product more valuable through perception and added function. Siisti’s own vision of functional aesthetic is further emphasised by their packaging.

Siisti partnered with PACKQUEEN for their custom-sized postage boxes. Not all wall planners come in the same sizes after all. Utilizing PACKQUEEN's custom-sized postage boxes was a smart move, and one of many solutions PACKQUEEN can offer other businesses.