Author: PACKQUEEN   Date Posted:6 January 2020 

There is a little bakery whose tagline is: “Where art meets cake”. A look at their Instagram profile @verlenacakes shows that their creations are exactly that: baked artwork that looks too good to be eaten. They create dessert confections that double as works of art for just about every occasion.

We got in touch with head baker Tahnee Upton to find out how Verlena Cakes got its start and what role PACKQUEEN’s boxes play in their day-to-day operations.

First, we delve into Verlena Cakes’ history and how it all came to be. “Verlena Cakes has been around for approximately six years; however, I've just started back up after taking a year and a half off after my daughter, Ella, was born,” Tahnee responded. “I've had a love of baking since forever, and went back to study patisserie as a mature age student, a decision I haven't regretted it for a moment! Having worked in the wedding and events industry for many years, the progression into wedding cakes and sweets seemed like a natural step.”

Apart from being able to create artworks in the form of baked goods, are there other things that she loves about Verlena Cakes? “I remember seeing a quote many years ago that was something along the lines of 'I just want to create beautiful things and make people happy',” Tahnee began. “I adopted it as my life mantra and I think Verlena Cakes is the perfect way for me to achieve this. I love working with clients to create confections that are unique to their event.”

Tahnee and Verlena Cakes use a lot of  variations of PACKQUEEN’s plastic window boxes including PACKQUEEN’s Chocolate Boxes with Clear Lids & Inserts in Smooth White, Clear Macaron Boxes for 1 and 3 to 5 macarons and Macaron Packs in Gloss White. What does she love most about working with PACKQUEEN?

“When developing my new bonbonniere range, it was super important to me that the gourmet confections were beautifully presented so that there is a total 'package', so to speak, for my clients,” she answered. “PACKQUEEN’s boxes give a very professional, polished finish.”

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