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How to Create a Varied Product Range Using Boxes

How to Create a Varied Product Range Using Boxes - PackQueen

It's one of the perks of modern living: we're spoiled for choices. You go out to get crackers and you find a hundred options from plain, water, cheese thin, sesame, pepper, soda crackers and more!

As a business owner, how do you show your consumers the variety of products you have for them and how can you make it easier for them to make their choices? It's only by creating a streamlined range of products in your catalogue.

Why is packaging important?

Packaging can help a great deal in creating an intangible line separating one range in your store from the rest, differentiating one from the others. You can do a lot with the size variations, colours, font and many more to set one product apart from the rest.

Let's say you sell a variety of teas. How do you show your customers that you have more than one kind simply by using your boxes and packaging? You can come up with a clever box shape to help your customers associate it with afternoon tea, perhaps a windowed box or a pyramid-shaped one? The possibilities are numerous!

Creating a Varied Product Range Using Boxes

Taking the lead from our tea example above, let's go through the ways you can create a varied product range using boxes.

  1. Size - Dedicate one cardboard box size per weight category. This not only makes sense but will also make choosing easier for your customer without having to look at the average weight of the product that's printed on the package.
  2. Colours - In one of our previous blogs, we highlighted the ways in which colour can affect your customer's moods along with the psychology behind colours in relation to your products. You can use this to your advantage to demonstrate how different one tea is from the others.
  3. Font - This is just as important as colour in making your product ranges easily identifiable from one another. We delved into the power of fonts in another article which we think can help. You can use one font for each tea variant to create another identifiable mark.

Creating a product range takes a lot more careful planning to anticipate a successful execution. Depending on the actual product that you offer, coming up with ranges can be a challenge but is easily done with a lot of thought.

Get your team together and start brainstorming. We look forward to seeing your product ranges soon!

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