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Benefits of Custom Packaging

Benefits of Custom Packaging - PackQueen

Any company that's involved in e-commerce, which is an increasing number at present, needs to consider its packaging options. Often that comes down to a choice between standard packaging that is readily available from stock and custom packaging that is specially made to meet a company's needs.

Most companies that are starting out in e-commerce will go for standard packaging, at least initially, because it's cheaper to buy and easier to obtain. However, initial savings are often offset by other considerations, especially as the business starts to grow.

Considerations and Benefits of Custom Packaging

Most packaging is in the form of corrugated cardboard boxes that are available in a range of standard sizes and, as a result, can be delivered quickly. Custom packaging boxes, on the other hand, can be specially made with a specific shape, particular dimensions, and printed supplier details.

The reason that many start-ups and small businesses (and even some larger ones) go for standard packaging is that:
  • It's cheaper to buy
  • It's easier and quicker to obtain since most suppliers hold large stocks and can deliver straightaway
  • It doesn't require many boxes of different sizes and types to be held in storage for use, freeing space for additional products
  • It's suitable for low volume enterprises that require relatively little packaging
  • It allows economies of scale if large volumes of a single size are ordered.
Even the smallest operations can, however, gain great benefits from the use of customised packaging and these often outweigh the extra costs and possible inconvenience. These benefits are:
  • Custom packaging boxes with logo, company name, and other details will promote your brand and make it more likely that customers will remember you and re-order. This will increase sales and future profitability and is one of the best and cheapest forms of marketing around.
  • Packaging that is exactly the right size and shape for a product will reduce delivery costs since many consigners set their charges based on the size as well as the weight of a package. If the box is too big, you are effectively paying to ship fresh air.
  • Boxes that are too large allow the product to move around, which can result in damage during transit. You can correct this with additional packing but it adds to the packing costs and also means you're increasing the weight of the consignment, which further adds to the delivery costs.
  • Many customers are concerned about the environment and so using unnecessary amounts of packaging, which they have to dispose of, will harm your company's image.
  • Custom packaging rather than a cheap, standard version means you can deliver your product in a box that matches its high quality. This adds to the unboxing experience and gives a great first impression of your company and its products, so customers are more likely to re-order.
  • Quality packaging that's robust will better withstand the harsh treatment that occurs during consignment. It's, therefore, more likely to arrive in good condition and, more importantly, your product will be undamaged.

Custom Packaging for the Best Results

Whilst standard packaging may seem the cheaper and most convenient option, there are hidden costs and lost potential that usually make this not the case. Custom packaging gives you more flexibility, increases brand loyalty, and is likely to boost your revenue long-term.

When deciding which way to go, look closely at your operation and weigh up the costs and benefits of each option. Whatever your choice, we have a wide range of packaging choices and can create custom versions of tape, ribbon, tissue paper, labels, and more that will exactly meet your needs at a very competitive price.

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