Date Posted:2 March 2023 

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When it comes to making a delivery in 2024, there’s no escaping the truth.

You want it to arrive in perfect condition. Come rain or sunshine, your packaging should be able to survive the following:

  1. Harsh conditions of Australia.
  2. The many kilometres it has to travel.
  3. Accidental neglect or abuse.


Its job is to, ultimately,  protect the contents and ensure delivery satisfaction.


What You Need to Know About Packing a Box for Shipping

As such, you need to be smart with your approach and ensure you wrap a parcel well enough that there’s no chance of it breaking. Remember, even glass bottles, vases, and trinkets can survive an extensive and challenging journey… as long as they are packaged properly. 

To proceed, you’ll need to gather together the right materials, including:

  1. An appropriately sized box or carton.
  2. Quality shipping tape.
  3. Additional packaging (to stop items from moving around).

The combination of these three things will give you the best chance at success when packing a box for shipping, regardless of its final destination. 


How to Pack a Box for Shipping

When you have everything together, you’ll be ready to start packing. Your first priority should be to sit the item in the box and ensure there’s no loose around it. This can be done by either correctly sizing your container or by using additional materials like packing foam, peanuts, or tissue paper. 


How to Tape a Box for Shipping

Once everything has been carefully secured in place, you’re ready to move to the next step. You’ll now need to reduce the likelihood of the box spilling open during travel while the contents go everywhere. We recommend you avoid the use of standard tape from your household and instead invest in quality parcel tape, which is waterproof and extra strong. 


How to Measure a Box For Shipping

Finally, before you can send your parcel, there’s some information you’ll need to acquire.

Namely, it’s:

  1. length
  2. width
  3. height
  4. weight

Each of these metrics can influence the overall cost you’ll have to pay, so be sure to spend extra care in getting the right results. Don’t just “eyeball it”.


Questions to Ask Before Packing a Box for Shipping

It all seems fairly simple, right? Well, the good news is that by planning ahead in packing a box for shipping, you shouldn’t encounter difficulty. To get started, all you’ll need to do is answer these questions and gather the items you need.


What Size Shipping Box Do I Need?

Do you already know what you want to ship? Is it oddly shaped, small, or breakable? These are all things you’ll need to consider when selecting the perfect shipping box, as well as the actual size of the item. The answers will dictate your results, possibly making it worth ordering custom packaging.


How Much Does it Cost to Ship A Box?

Now you’ll need to debate whether it’s actually worth shipping an item. After all, standard postage costs can vary significantly depending on the weight and size of the parcel you want to send. The price can wrack up quickly. Therefore, you might find that it’s much easier to purchase a similar product online, setting the recipient address as the end destination. 


Where Can I Get Boxes for Shipping?

However, this isn’t a viable solution for everyone.

Whether you’re…

  1. A business that needs to send a product to a customer…
  2. A person wanting to send a unique gift to a loved one…

You’ll need to get the perfect shipping box. In this case, why not view our selection of Shipping Cartons at PACKQUEEN and order online today? We have everything you’ll need to ship a parcel safely - both onshore and overseas. 

  1. How do you prepare a box for shipping?

Your priority is ensuring that the box is completely full, with no room for items to move around and break. Then you need to apply lots of tape to keep it sealed, ensuring the address remains clear and visible.

  1. What materials do you need to ship a package?

When packing a box for shipping, you’d benefit from having a plain cardboard box (or branded if you are a company), specific packing tape, a marker pen, address labels, and additional packaging like bubblewrap.

  1. How do you address a box for shipping?

If you have a printer, you can pre-purchase postage and you’ll receive a shipping label to place on the box. Otherwise, use a marker to write the address clearly on the front - including the address number, street, and postcode.


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