PACKQUEEN is a leading supllier of cake & cupcake packaging products to Perth. Our range includes food packaging, including our ever popular chocolate boxes, a huge range of postage boxes, presentation and gift boxes in a range of colours and sizes and all your gift wrapping needs. Shop the range online now!
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The new best place to buy a cake box in Perth

If you are a food manufacturer selling cakes, cupcakes, cookies or other similar items, you will want to ensure your products are packaged in the most attractive and durable packaging you can afford. This is why you are going to love PACKQUEEN.

Our packaging is not only beautiful, durable, and easy to use, it is also wonderfully affordable. This low cost and high quality packaging for cakes and cupcakes means great value for manufacturers, and of course it also means you can, in turn, provide better value for your customers.

No more disappointment for the buyer when their cake box breaks open or gets crushed. Our cake boxes are strong and will endure a lot more than the typical cake box. When you care about your products, you should care enough to package them well. This will result in stronger sales, especially to retailers who will be happy to buy your products because they are easier to store than competing products.

Retail customers, of course, care about quality too. If you have high quality packaging, it makes your products more attractive. As long as the price is reasonable, the retail customers are more likely to buy your product than that of a competitor who has taken less care with packaging. This is yet another reason why retailers will be happier to buy from you. Your products will literally be flying off the shelves as fast as the retailers can stock them.

If you need cupcake boxes in Perth, you won't find better products than PACKQUEEN. The strong and sturdy boxes can be fitted with compartment dividers of various sizes to accommodate the size of product that you create, and boxes can come with our without clear plastic windows.

Our regular sized cake boxes are also fantastic for large cakes because they will hold their shape and are more resistant to crushing than the typical cake box. Our very largest cake boxes are suitable for all kinds of purposes from wedding cakes to donuts.

It is even possible to get a box to protect just a single cupcake, and the low cost of these boxes means they're really not going to add anything to the retail cost or affect the profit margin by much.

The main points are these boxes will:

  • Protect your products from damage
  • Keep the products sealed, safe, and clean until opened
  • Present your products in an attractive high quality container

Obviously these are all good things for you as a manufacturer, and they will help you achieve better results on the retail side.

Customers will prefer to buy from manufacturers who take care to present their products well and take pride in their work, because it usually indicates that a product can be trusted. This is especially important with food items.

To find out more about the cake boxes and cupcake boxes you can buy from PACKQUEEN, get in touch with us today.

Pack Queen specialise in product packaging in Australia. These include:

Make sure you get in contact with us for all your gift packaging & accessories & all other packaging solutions.


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