PACKQUEEN is a proud Australian based manufacturer of cardboard boxes and presentation boxes. We are a wholesale supplier of different packaging boxes to Perth. We offer a range of packaging supplies & packaging materials, including various sizes and styles of cardboard and postage boxes. We have gift boxes, hamper boxes, jewellery boxes and even bomboniere boxes available in funky colors. For your food packaging needs, we have our ever popular chocolate boxes, cupcake boxes and macaroon boxes that are sure to complete your packing needs.
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Packing Boxes Can Reinforce Your Perth Business Brand

It takes a lot to get any business off the ground, but few people truly appreciate the amount of thought and effort required and the variety of areas that must be taken into consideration to ensure that all that hard work pays off when the final product reaches the end user. Your idea and product is the cornerstone of what you offer the market, but having strong, branded packing boxes can afford your Perth business a distinct advantage over all other competitors.

Here at PACKQUEEN, we understand just how important first impressions are. Customers are very quick to make judgements and so the first time that you receive an order; you should see this as an opportunity to do something that adds value, be it by offering discounts, or, by getting a little creative with the packaging.

To this end, we offer Australian businesses a comprehensive range of packaging solutions that will prove ideal for any situation and will ensure that your products speak volumes about the professionalism of your company, and just how much you value that customer’s investment in your goods.

At PACKQUEEN, there are thousands of stock lines here for you to browse, all of which can be accessed at incredibly affordable prices, made even better for those that plan to bulk order, since we offer discounts in such cases. We are the experts when it comes to packaging and do our utmost to deliver exceptional customer service to complement the array of awesome packing options we sell.

What Great Packaging Can Do for You

While the packaging is often seen as a means to an end, you should never underestimate the importance of choosing good packaging in favour of saving a buck and using something inferior. At PACKQUEEN, we manufacture 80% of the products that we stock right here in Melbourne and we cut no corners when it comes time to ship them. Why? Because we want them to arrive in perfect condition so that you can get the best use possible out of your investment.

As such, those looking to buy packing boxes in Perth are encouraged to not only find the dimensions that best suit you, but think about the exactly what you will need to make that delivery even more memorable. With this in mind, we include a huge range of accessories that will further insulate your products, allow for the personal touch through labelling, tagging, or customising ribbon and tissue paper.

Your goal is to inspire loyalty in your customers. A great looking box that not only reinforces your brand but includes small touches that make the customer feel valued can do wonders and increase not only their likelihood to order again but consequently your profits and your profile and reputation in the marketplace.

Finally, there is nothing more disheartening than a negative customer experience as a result of damaged packaging, necessitated by shipping regulations. Choosing the wrong pouches or cardboard boxes can cost your Perth brand as a result of complaints made by customers, and so it pays to really think about what kind of packaging will ensure that your goods ship and deliver with minimal damage incurred.

Seek Out the Best Packing Solutions in Perth

Regardless of whether you need gift boxes, cardboard boxes, wine packaging, gift bags, food packaging, plastic boxes or gift wrapping, rest assured that for each of the aforementioned we have plenty of options ready for you to browse and access at fantastic prices.

So, with the possibilities endless for those committed to set their business apart from all others, it pays to seek out the best packing boxes Perth has to offer, right here at PACKQUEEN. We look forward to your order and assisting you in any way we can.

Pack Queen specialise in product packaging in Australia. These include:

Make sure you get in contact with us for all your gift packaging & accessories & all other packaging solutions.

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